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Rigorous Education

North Lakes Academy High School offers a 'life" preparatory curriculum that focuses on a well-rounded education to prepare them for whereever their path takes them - college, community college, trades/tech schools, apprenticeship, employment. Students are provided the opportunity to begin enrolling into Advanced Placement (AP) classes in their 9th grade year. This can continue with AP and or College in the Schools (CIS) classes through their 12th grade year while possibly earning well over a first year worth of college credits.

Beyond regular exams to display evidence of learning, all English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, Fine Arts, and Physical Education curriculums at this level offer skill development of communication based on their understanding and knowledge of subject matter.  Skills developed will include: building, changing, composing, creating, designing, formulating, hypothesizing, planning, predicting, producing, revising, writing, criticizing, defending, and evaluating.  NLA values EQ just as much as IQ, and the Profile of a Graduate skills are embedded into all lessons and daily habits implemented within our community.


High school students are required to earn a minimum of 28 credits to earn a diploma, and a minimum of a C- in each course to receive graduation credit.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through our curriculum, Physical Activity/Education, and Fine Arts are required classes for 9th-12th grades. Band, Choir, and/or Visual Arts provide opportunities in the Fine Arts classes.

College Readiness

We offer 3 ways for students to earn college credit:

  • College in the Schools (CIS)

  • Advanced Placement (AP)

  • PSEO

We also provide college and higher learning path planning services as part of our curriculum. Students can earn over a year's worth of college credits during their high school career.

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The Mission of North Lakes Academy is to graduate students who are confident, skilled scholars and citizens.


Our expectation is that students and teachers excel in core academic, active and artistic disciplines, develop a sense of purpose and path, and value a united community built through appreciation of diversity and connections.


Our culture and classrooms focus on guiding all students to find their path and purpose, as well as preparing them for life at college, trade/tech, and careers in the 21st Century.

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