Activities Director
Jeff Beimert  

651-797-6265 Phone

Games and Events

All NLA Athletic Events and Games are Maintained on the Minnesota Classic Athletic Association:  Calendar

The sports that are currently offered at NLA are listed below.

All sports are open to 7th-12th graders. Some programs have additional teams for grades 5-6.
Performing Arts


At North Lakes Academy we offer band from 5 - 12th grade and choir for 9-12.


There is also a marching band and a jazz club.

Upper School Band/Choir Director
Jeni Dale

Middle School Band Director
Jeff Rapp

Robotics Coach
Angie Marchio

Robotics Team


The team gets 6 weeks to build a robot to compete in different competitions each season.


The past competitions have been shooting frisbees and exercise balls into goals against other robots.


National Honor Society

National Honor Society is a society that has existed since 1921, meant to recognize the academic and social leaders in schools across the country. NLA's chapter members are chosen every year in the spring based upon their leadership, service, character, and scholarship. Members focus on service, and are required to complete individual and group service projects every semester as a way of improving their community and serving as examples within the school.

NHS Contact
Allison Tucker

National History Day

National History Day is an immersive historical research project required for our American History and World History students. This year-long project focuses on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills as the students become experts in a historical topic of their choosing. The research culminates with a school event in February where the students will present their research to their peers and local community in the form of a documentary, exhibit board, website, paper, or performance.

NHD Contact
Chris Stewart

NHD Contact
Allison Tucker