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NLA Elementary School
SMALL CLASS SIZES:  Under 25 students per class and only three sections per grade-level, students receive a personalized education.
ACTIVE STUDENTS: Time spent outdoors, engaged in physical activity is vital for successful learning. We strive to get students outside and active as much as possible.
FOUNDATIONAL CURRICULUM: NLA focuses on a traditional education to give students a strong foundation for learning.
SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING:  North Lakes educators  believe that social-emotional skills are foundational to success in the 21st century
We believe students don't learn to think critically or creatively until foundational patterns and knowledge are ingrained. That's why NLA uses curriculum that gives students a strong foundation in the basics, so they will have the skills to  master the content.
For example, Kindergartners will receive a strong foundation in phonics before beginning to  work on reading. In math, students will use the "spiral" approach to continually review skills as they learn new content, building a strong foundation.

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