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Why North Lakes Academy?

Top Ranked:  North Lakes Academy is ranked #6 in Best School Districts in Washington County and the Upper School is ranked #9 in Best Charter Schools in MN, according to

Teachers: NLA's Upper School Teachers are ranked #2 as Best Teachers in Washington County, and the District ranks in the top 10% as a District with the Best Teachers in MN, according to


Award Winning:  One of only 29 schools in Minnesota recognized by the Minnesota Department of Education as a High-Quality Charter School.  NLA has received this award 3 years in a row. This designation is based upon success in Academics, Finance, and Operations. Only 20 schools in the state have received this honor two years in a row.

Experienced: NLA is celebrating 24 years in operation. This makes NLA one of the longest running charter schools in the Minnesota, and the entire country.

BelongingNLA prides itself on knowing every student's name and empowering them to make connections and lead. You want to play sports? Then you belong here. You want to take dual credit (college credit) classes with less than 20 students in a class? Then you belong here. You want your student to spend time outdoors, engaged in physical activity in K-12? Then you belong here. You want your student to experience a well-rounded traditional curriculum that includes the opportunity for art and/or music in all grade levels? Then you belong here. You want a K-5 curriculum that gives students a strong foundation in the basics, so they will have the skills to master the content? Then you belong here. You want your students to develop habits in how to learn and apply skills? Then you belong here. You want your student to graduate as a confident, skilled scholar and citizen? Then you belong at NLA!


Activities: NLA hosts 16 Minnesota State High School League Sports. Our Huskies have earned Conference Champions in girls basketball, softball, and track and field; runners-up in boys basketball; and State Participants in track and field - while also receiving numerous sportsmanship awards.  We also offer Honors Band and Choir, Robotics, Archery, Student Council, National Honors Society, and many student-led clubs.

Rigorous: We offer dual-credit courses in math, language arts, science, social studies, and computer science.  Both Advanced Placement (AP) and College-in-the-Schools (CIS) courses are offered on our campus taught by NLA staff.  Last year 80% of NLA students graduated with college credit in hand.

Innovative:  Our teachers implement best practices to creatively guide developmentally appropriate learning environments for students to gain the knowledge and skills through hands on experiences. Our Becoming Curriculum prepares students both academically and socially, and emotionally to meet any challenge throughout school and life.


Honored:  Consistently placed students at the state and national levels for National History Day. NLA has developed a National Winner and numerous National Competitors in this scholarly competition. NLA graduates consistently earn/receive scholarships from the Forest Lake Area Community Scholarship Foundation for their commitment to their academics, volunteering, and leadership.

Growing:  NLA is a K-12 charter school that is free to all students. Our classroom sizes are SMALL, but BIG on educational and extra-curricular opportunities. 

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