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High School Teacher

Job Description


The Mission of North Lakes Academy is to graduate students who are confident, skilled scholars and citizens. Our expectation is that students and teachers excel in core academic and artistic disciplines, develop a sense of purpose and path, and value a united community built through appreciation of diversity.


Since 1999, North Lakes Academy has provided a personalized learning environment designed to meet a wide variety of academic needs. With strong core subjects and a full complement of liberal arts courses, NLA provides quality learning in a responsive learning atmosphere.



  • We help students discover their passions and stay confident learners throughout their lives.

  • We’re a fast-paced, collaborative working-environment that’s also thoughtful about designing reflection and resetting time for teachers and students.

  • We think about what we can do better and faster than other area schools on a daily basis and learn quickly from other models of innovation (See our Becoming Program for one example).

  • We’re a friendly and creative team with diverse backgrounds, who are all really kids, parents, coaches, and entrepreneurs at heart.

  • We’re a interesting school that feels more like a startup, a workshop, and a family.

  • We’re close to Highway 35 and easily accessible from the metro area or surrounding suburbs (Many teachers commute from the cities, surrounding suburbs, and even Wisconsin).

  • We design flexible professional development experiences.

  • We provide exceptional medical and dental benefits.

  • We work with teachers to choose a personalized technology setup.



High School staff will be expected to instruct and guide curriculum in their program area amongst other opportunities.  Staff will be learners, seekers of best practice, and reflective practitioners. Staff will use a relationship-first model of instruction to engage and instruct learners.

Responsibilities and Experience

  • Help lead the design of the department experience with colleagues on both campuses

  • Use and improve curriculum mapping content to provide the best educational opportunity

  • Plan, innovate and reflect on lessons throughout the year through admin observations, staff observations, and peer observations

  • Hold accountability and expectations high to demand the best performance possible from the student body and each other


Skills and Star Qualities

  • Demonstrable experience designing personalized curriculum.

  • Ability to see the bigger picture while iterating strategically every day.

  • Direct experience helping kids learn by doing in innovative ways.

  • Collaboration within the department and between disciplines.

  • Growth mindset based on problem-seeing and problem-owning

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