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Walking to the Bus

How does transportation work at your school? North Lakes contracts with FLAS to provide bussing for students who live within ISD #831 boundaries


Do you have bussing for students who do not live in the Forest Lakes Area district? No, busing is only offered to students living inside the ISD #831 boundaries. However, many of our families have made a tradition of working together in order to carpool and find convenient ways to provide transportation. If you have further questions, please contact the school.


What is the shuttle bussing system? Because ISD #831 is such a large geographic district, they coordinate bussing by bringing busses to a “hub” (currently FL Middle School). From there, students transfer onto their school-specific “shuttle” busses and are brought to North Lakes schools. This process happens in reverse in the afternoon (FL High School is the afternoon“hub”).


What does NLA do to ensure the safety of the elementary students on the busses with older students and during the morning and afternoon transfer processes? NLA is committed to staffing the transfer point to help guide elementary students onto the correct shuttle, both in the morning and the afternoon. In addition, drivers sit the younger students in the front and the older students toward the back of the bus.

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