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2024 Spring Election Timeline

Polls will be open Monday, April 15th, 2024 through Monday, April 29th, 2024 until 5:00 pm. All voting will occur digitally and all eligible voters will be provided a token via email for our online voting platform, Election Runner. Five positions available this election cycle include:

- One seat for an NLA Teacher Member from the K-6 campus

- Two seats for an NLA Teacher Member from either campus

- One seat for an NLA Parent Member

- One seat for an NLA Community Member

For more information on the election process, the NLA School Board’s Policy #701-Board of Directors Election Process, our organizational bylaws and the pertinent Minnesota Statute are all linked. If you have questions, please e-mail the members of the 2024 NLA Board Elections Committee.​

Candidate Profiles

Please see the public candidate profiles for more information on who will be on the ballot. 


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